CDC Report: Teen Exposure to E-cigarette Advertising

e-cigarette advertisingWe’ve not been shy of our criticism of America’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the past, and a report released by the CDC has got our ire once again.

A new report released by the CDC suggests that “about 7 in 10 teens are exposed to e-cigarette advertising on TV, in print, online and at retail outlets,” spurring them to communicate their concern about youth exposure to e-cigarette advertising.

On Medical News Today, Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), explains, “The same advertising tactics the tobacco industry used years ago to get kids addicted to nicotine are now being used to entice a new generation of young people to use e-cigarettes.”

He adds, “Kids should not be using e-cigarettes and yet 2/3 of kids in this country are seeing e-cigarette ads.”

The problem with the study

There is one problem with the new study – the CDC has failed to find a direct link between e-cigarette advertising and usage.

Dr. Frieden has also called on everyone to agree that children should not use e-cigarettes. We are pretty sure that everyone was already in agreement with children should not use them, nor traditional cigarettes, drink or do drugs. Simply making this statement implies that e-cigarettes are being pushed on children – which they aren’t.

The media is picking up the rhetoric

Other major media outlets are also buying into the rhetoric. This quote from CNBC is a perfect example:

“E-cigarette makers are pouring tens of millions of dollars into advertising their wares—and teenagers are getting the message loud and clear, federal health officials reported Tuesday.”

“As advertising skyrockets, so do the number of teens seeing it…”

Obviously, e-cigarette makers are investing in advertising – the industry is growing, and advertising to their customers (adults!) is a normal business practice. And, yes, teens will see some of these ads – just like they will see ads for virtually every other product in the world – alcohol, tobacco, porn, guns, you name it. It’s impossible for them not to see the ads.

Why can’t the CDC find a link?

Perhaps there isn’t one. But here is how they explain their lack of connection:

“Frieden said the tactics are effective, and include online ‘viral’ marketing that cannot even be measured.” Why can’t it be measured? E-cigarette companies and other online advertisers have no issue measuring their online marketing campaigns.

Like we said before, it’s time for the CDC to stop spinning lies and start telling the truth.

Read more about the CDC by reading, CDC – please tell the truth!


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The Ecigarette Industry – Vaping News 2015 in Review

2015 was a big year for us here at Vapor Jedi. It was a great year for us, and an action-packed year for the ecigarette industry in general. There were lots of new products, vaping accessories and ejuice flavours that came to market, a number of studies discussing the pros and cons of ecigarette use, and no shortage of vaping news stories.

Just in case you missed them, or want to catch up on what happened in the vaping industry in 2015, here is a collection of some of our best blog posts from the year:

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Thank you for all your support in 2015 and stay tuned for lots of timely vaping news, research and hot new products ! Now tell us … which posts did you like best in our 2015 collection?


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Why Vaping Works ‘Like a Charm’ in Helping People Quit Smoking


Do you want to know the REAL reason why lots of people were able to stop smoking after they totally shifted to vaping? The key to finally quitting a nasty habit like smoking is to keep on vaping and to wholeheartedly embrace the practice of self-titration while you do so.

So, What Does Self-Titration Really Mean?

Technically, titration is defined as “a technique where a solution of known concentration is used to determine the concentration of an unknown solution.” This method involves gradually adding small amounts of the known solution or titrant to the unknown solution or analyte until the desired reaction is complete. Based on this definition, you’re actually titrating whenever you added more sugar or additional water into your juice or coffee to adjust its sweetness according to your personal taste.

The practice of self-titration in vaping, however, isn’t defined or done the same way as the preparatory technique in chemistry. Cascadia Vape’s Glossary provides the following definition of self-titration in vaping:

Self-Titration: the standard definition refers to a method of determining the concentration of a substance in a solution but in the context of e-cig use, self-titration refers to the choice to use various e-liquids with the nicotine content that best suits their needs.

The process exposes long-time smokers to the flavorful vapors of high-nicotine liquids until they became accustomed to inhaling them. At this point, some people got stuck on vaping e-juices with nicotine strengths ranging from 16 mg to 24 mg while others found happiness in vaping e-liquids with low nicotine levels from 3 mg to 8 mg. It’s okay for people who use vaping as a less harmful  alternative to smoking.

For people who really wanted to quit smoking, however, the struggle doesn’t end once they’re vaping low-nic juices. They will keep on vaping their chosen flavored e-liquids, which would have gradually decreasing amounts of nicotine in every bottle. If they’re currently puffing 3mg nicotine juice, then the next big step would be to slowly ease their way into zero nicotine territory.

Because the titration process is in reverse, ex-smokers end up with fewer tobacco-specific toxins in the body, and with much less sticky phlegm and dried-up mucus blocking the airways and covering the walls of their lungs. The result? Now, they’re breathing more deeply and with greater ease than when they were smoking. What’s more, people who haven’t touched a single cigarette since they started vaping gave their minds and body the chance to recover from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

Where Patience and Persistence Come In

When you’re the one deciding how much nicotine strength you’d like in the e-juices you’ve been vaping, it’s easy to think of a reasonable excuse to buy yourself a decadent e-juice flavor that has more nicotine in it than the average strength of all the e-liquids you bought last time. Always exercise a lot of discipline and self-control whenever you go out to buy your next batch of e-juice flavors.

It’s not enough that you discipline yourself, however. You also have to be patient and persistent in reaching the goals you have set for yourself each week. Give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself with a special gift or an expensive trip for achieving so much in a month. Jot down on your calendar every milestone that you have achieved in your life.

Keep in mind the sage words of the famous public speaker and best-selling author Dale Carnegie who wrote: “You are attempting to form new habits. Ah yes, you are attempting a new way of life. That will require time and persistence and daily application.”

He further suggested to his readers that:

“Keep constantly impressing yourself with the rich possibilities for improvement that still lie in the offing. Remember that the use of these principles can be made habitual only by a constant and vigorous campaign of review and application. There is no other way.”

Just continue to vape your favorite flavors of e-juice until it becomes a good habit with you. But, while you vape the usual bottles of flavored e-liquids, choose to vape those liquids that have decreasing nicotine strengths until you’re down to zero-nic and you’re just fine inhaling the vapors without craving for more.

New Year, New You: Ready to Quit Smoking?

quit smokingIs this the year you’ll finally quit smoking – for good? What would it take for you to truly commit to ditching the tobacco habit? Are you one of the vast majority who’ve tried to quit before and have failed? If you need inspiration to quit, consider the following benefits of not smoking.

Less anxiety. It’s a common misconception that taking a long drag on your cigarette will calm your nerves. Actually, it does the opposite. The nicotine tickles your brain’s pleasure receptors, inducing more rapid breathing and higher blood pressure. Hint: it’s the deep breathing that offers that calming effect.

Better oral hygiene. Not only will quitting decrease the risk of gum disease and oral cancer, your breath will be sweeter. According to HealthDay, smokers are at least one and a half times more likely to develop at least three oral health afflictions.

Better sex. Yes – nicotine definitely affects both your libido and your performance. And that’s for both men and women. Now that’s what I call a good reason to quit smoking!

Smoother skin. We’ve all seen those older women with the myriad of vertical lines around their lips. That’s from years of sucking on cigarettes. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says just six weeks after you quit smoking your skin will begin to look fresher and healthier.

More hair.  Research shows a link between male pattern baldness and cigarette smoking. Then there’s the problem of the smoke stink trapped in females’ gorgeous tresses. ‘Nuff said.

Longer life. Quitting tobacco could help women live at least ten years longer than if they continued to smoke, according to The Lancet. Even ‘light’ female smokers have double the death risk compared with non-smokers.

Improved chances of conception.  NBC News reports that women smokers have a 60 percent higher chance of being infertile.

Delicious food. Smoking dulls your taste buds, and in fact, one study suggests you’ll have ‘fewer and flatter’ taste buds. Stop smoking and within a couple of weeks your food will taste scrumptious!

Less sickness. Cold symptoms are usually worse for smokers, according to Yale University researchers. Smokers’ immune systems just don’t respond as well as non-smokers’ when exposed to flu-like viruses. Colds and flu last longer for smokers, while non-smokers fight off those bugs faster.

Have you heard enough reasons to kick the habit once and for all? Thousands of ex-smokers were able to easily transition to vaping. So … order yourself a starter kit today. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make, and I ought to know, because that’s exactly how I did it over 2 ½ years ago!

Happy New Year!


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When Life Throws You Lemons, You Vape Them

If you’ve always loved the scent and taste of lemons in your food and drinks, then you’re probably happiest when you’re vaping nicotine juice with a citrus flavor. However, you didn’t have to spend hours searching the internet and the local vape shops for those drool-worthy finds.

Check out the following lemon-themed e-juices and see which flavors have been making you swoon like an infatuated schoolgirl.

Lemon Pound Cake by GLAS

This exciting e-juice is marked by a creamy and balanced flavor with notes of fresh citrus and vanilla on the inhale and followed by hints of warm cake and lemon zest on the exhale. It’s available in a 30ml bottle with a 3mg nicotine strength.

Devil’s Cake by SLSTCE

Enjoy the decadent taste of pound cake with a soft fluffy center made of crisp lemon in a standard bottle of this flavorful e-juice from SLSTCE. The creamy goodness of the batter screams pure joy from inhale to exhale in this devilishly delicious dessert vape. Each bottle has 3mg of nicotine strength.

Photo Credit: “Mum’s lemon meringue pie, two slices” by jules (originally posted to Flickr). Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Vapor Jedi’s Lemon Pie

This e-juice celebrates the flavor of a tasty lemon meringue pie. The sweet creamy notes of the meringue blended perfectly with the sharp tangy taste of lemon and the crunchy pie crust. There isn’t too much citrus in it to sour the experience for you, and it has “just enough of everything to leave your mouth watering and have you hungry for another piece” as the product label says.

Lemon Cake FV by Green Stars

This is one of the citrus-inspired e-juice flavors that you’ll enjoy puffing on any day of the week. You’ll be enervated with the hint of lime zest in this tasty lemon cake flavored e-liquid. Choose any of three nicotine strengths: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.

Raspberry Fizz FV by Green Stars

This fruity e-juice is another gift from the citrus god. It may be inspired by the juicy flavor of raspberries, but there’s a zing to it courtesy of lemons and some spearmint for a refreshing after-taste.
Enjoy this amazing e-liquid in any of three nicotine strengths: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.

If your kind of citrus wasn’t lemon, then you’d also enjoy the flavored e-liquids from Vapor Jedi that had extracts of oranges or limes added to them. Browse our gallery of flavored e-liquids through our online store.

Vaping in 2016: 3 New Year’s Resolution for Ecig Users

Vaping in 2016It’s here … 2016 is upon us! It’s the time of the year when most people are thinking about their New Year’s plans and starting to think about their New Year’s resolutions – the things they are going to do next year to improve their life, achieve more, and be a better person. Resolutions are also something with which you can have fun and apply to any area of your life – including vaping in 2016!

We have put together a number of great New Year’s resolutions for our fellow vapers to consider:

  1. Try a new flavour

Most people are creatures of habit. We find something we like, and we stick with it. But how much fun is that? As a vaper, you have access to hundreds of different ejuice flavours. So, try a new flavour or 10 in the new year. It’s a great way to change your vaping experience.

Read more: Choose an Ejuice Flavour Based on the Food You Love

  1. Get involved in the cause

There has been a lot in the news about ecigarettes lately. Provincial governments across the country are enacting new laws that are essentially classifying ecigarettes as other tobacco products, and as a result, they are placing limits on where you can buy and vape. There is strength in numbers, and becoming an active member of the vaping community and making your voice heard can make a difference. Consider getting involved by contacting your MPP and joining local ecigarette advocacy groups.

Read more: Vapor Advocates of Ontario at Toronto’s Ecigarette Protest Rally

  1. Educate others

People tend to have a lot of questions about ecigarettes – how they work, what they taste like, health effects, etc. They have these questions because there is considerable misinformation online about vaping. Rather than getting defensive when people ask you about it, take it as an opportunity to have an open conversation and educate others about the reality of ecigarettes.

Read more: CDC – please tell the truth!

Happy New Year from the VaporJedi Team!

Read more about ecig news and developments:

Top 5 Vaping Trends to Watch Out for Heading into 2016

E-cigarettes are Exploding in the News!

Bill 45: Making Healthier Choices Act 2015


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What is Diacetyl and Why It Might Be Bad for You

Flavored Electronic Cigarettes

Diacetyl is an organic compound that gives buttermilk its distinctly creamy flavor and aroma. It’s an essential flavoring chemical that improves the natural taste and scent of food. It’s also a natural by-product of the conversion of glucose to ethanol by yeast during fermentation, which is why it’s often found in fermented products, such as butter, beer and wine. Diacetyl is also naturally found in low concentrations in coffee, dairy, fruits, honey and vinegar.

Aside from butter-flavored microwave popcorn, edible products like candies, pastries and frozen foods as well as beverages prepared by baristas on-site like shakes and frappes may also contain flavorings that have diacetyl. However, these flavorings were likely kept at a very minimal amount per serving and that would render them practically harmless to consumers.

When there’s too much diacetyl produced during the fermentation process, it produces a butterscotch flavor. At low levels, diacetyl contributes to the slippery texture of certain beverages.

Diacetyl and its twin, acetyl propionyl, are generally safe for humans and animals to ingest, and they’re also safe to inhale as long as e-cig users practice moderation in vaping and carefully choose the e-juice flavors they want to vape.

However, these flavoring chemicals may not be completely safe for e-juice makers to handle without sufficient protection and in a workplace that doesn’t have a ventilation system. Manufacturing plants for food products and e-liquids are proverbial “hot spots” for high levels of diacetyl because they usually keep large quantities of these flavoring chemicals in stock and process them in bulk for mass production.