Joyetech eRoll Atomizer 5 Pack

Vendor: Joyetech
Type: Replacement Coils

Package of 5 replacement atomizers for the Joyetech e-roll kits. Individually packaged in plastic wrapper.

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The latest 5pc Joyetech logo eGo-C/eCab/eRoll atomizer heads! Cone shape/Type A, the innovative changeable system parts.

When the atomizer is broken or need changing, you just need to replace the atomizer head, which is highlight of this product: economical and pratical.

Attention: The new box of 5pc Joyetech logo eGo-C/eCab/eRoll atomizer heads! Cone shape/Type A is larger than before, but there is no change on products.


Vapor Jedi Acyrlic Display Case

Vendor: Tinya Plastics
Type: Storage

These display cases are perfect for 30ml bottles as well as unicorn style 60mls and holds up to 150 bottles. Each display case comes with a lock and set of 2 keys. 

We know the importance of vaping responsibly and keeping products out of the hands of children and youth. These display cases are a great option! 

Eleaf Istick 40W TC Mod

Vendor: Eleaf
Type: Mods / Regulated

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iStick TC40W, an innovation of iStick series battery, adopts newly introduced technical element of temperature control. It will bring out a unique vaping experience without any dry hit by adjusting temperature setting. Despite the small size, it can reach 40W with large 2600mAh power capacity. Moreover, all stainless steel threads and elastic spring connector endow it with strong wear resistance. With temperature control function, less power and e-liquid consumption will also be a plus.

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  1. Temperature control function: By adjusting temperature in TC mode(Nickel 200), you can enjoy different vaping experience at different temperature settings.
  2. Less power and e-liquid consumption: With temperature control function, it will consume much less battery power and e-liquid in TC mode(Nickel 200) than in VW mode.
  3. Clear OLED display: In typical VW mode, the OLED screen displays battery power, resistance, voltage and wattage clearly. You can see clearly battery power, resistance, wattage and temperature in innovative TC mode(Nickel 200).
  4. Accurate reading of resistance: The reading of resistance becomes more accurate with the number down to the second decimal point.
  5. Large output and power capacity: Despite the small size, it can reach 40W output with 2600mAh power capacity.
  6. Stainless steel threads and spring connector: It retains stainless steel threads for strong wear resistance and elastic spring connector for high adaptability.
  7. Attached necklace hole: The specially attached necklace hole on the top cover makes it more portable and user-friendly.

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How to charge?
The battery power indicator on the screen will keep flashing when the remaining power is less than 10%. It can be charged with the USB cable through the USB port at the bottom. 
It will take about 3.5 hours to get a full charge via 1A wall adapter. The battery indicator will keep flashing during charging and the screen will go out when fully charged.

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