Stop Smoking, Get a Free E-Cigarette

Big Cigarette BoxWe’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again … Britain gets it!

According to a recent article in Fortune magazine, Public Health England has publicly endorsed e-cigarettes as “an efficient and desirable way to reduce the health risks from smoking tobacco and to encourage tobacco users to kick the habit entirely.” It went on to say that a study by impartial health experts found e-cigarettes to be about 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, and that current popular misconceptions that e-cigs are as harmful as, or are an introduction to tobacco smoking amongst youth are just plain wrong.

Wow … why can’t Canada and the USA  get it too?

On the other side of the coin, the World Health Organization recently stated that the safety of e-cigarettes ‘has not been scientifically demonstrated.’ Say what? Is the WHO actually implying that even though we have scientific proof that tobacco is a killing machine, it’s not sure if e-cigs might be a safer bet?

WHO – have you read the evidence written by Peter Hajek, a professor at Queen Mary University, London? If not, let us enlighten you. He said, and we quote, “Tobacco smokers who switch to vaping remove almost all the risks tobacco smoking poses to their health.” Without a doubt this is one of the most important official endorsements yet for vaping, and judging by the rate at which UK tobacco smokers are ditching tobacco cigarettes for e-cigs, they get it. The tobacco giants most definitely get it too, as they continue to snatch up e-cigarette manufacturers as an insurance policy to the inevitable decline of their traditional products.

But wait … there’s more!

Public Health England didn’t stop there. They are now proposing the provision of free e-cigarettes to those who sign up for the National Health’s Stop Smoking services, realizing that the cost of this program would be more than offset by the return on investment, as tobacco-related diseases are still the #1 killer in the UK.

The Brits are so civilized.


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Calvin started vaping in 2004 after being a smoker for 17 years and hasn’t looked back since. He was a pack a day smoker that had tried the patch, the gum, the lozenges and the hypnotist. Nothing seemed to work! He came across a cig alike at a mall booth and finally found something to help him move away from traditional tobacco. Vaping has changed his life. He feels healthier and he can breathe again. Calvin has seen a lot of changes in the electronic cigarette market since 2004 and loves the innovation that has gone into the new products on the market today.

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