10 Vaping Myths Exposed – Part Deux

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As promised, here’s the continuation from our last post, 10 Vaping Myths Exposed, Part 1

#5 E-juice vapour is just as dangerous as cigarette smoke.

Tobacco smoke contains at least 69 confirmed carcinogens, along with over 7,000 chemicals.  A 2012 study noted “electronic cigarettes produce very small exposures (to unsafe chemicals, sic) relative to tobacco cigarettes. “ Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

# 4 Public vaping is a scourge that must be legislated.

This one goes hand in hand with #5. Isn’t it possible that government is more concerned about tax revenues than our health, and about staying in bed with Big Tobacco and Big Pharma? The tobacco companies don’t want to get rid of the current vaping trend – in fact, they’re watching it, learning from it and plotting their takeover of it, putting ‘the little guy’ out of business  and providing governments with even larger tax proceeds. At least, that’s how we see it. We’ve been wrong before. Tell us what you think.

#3 Vaping doesn’t really help smokers transition from tobacco products.

LOL! Just looking at our own inner circle of friends and customers we know this is a fallacy. A large international survey showed “72 percent of users reported that e-cigarettes helped them to deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms and 92 percent reported reductions in their tobacco smoking. Moreover, 96 percent reported that e-cigarettes helped them to stop smoking.”

#2 E-cigarettes can explode while being used.

Yes, and so can cell phones, cars, blow dryers and airplanes. These unfortunate incidents are all known as ‘accidents’. Under the right (or wrong) circumstances, almost anything can explode, or for that matter, implode. If you leave your e-cig charging on the kitchen counter next to the sink, it could  blow up if exposed to water. If you leave it in your car on a hot sunny summer day, it could have a melt-down. Use common sense, and don’t be careless with your e-cigarette.

#1 Not enough vaping studies have been done to prove it’s safe.

Tons of studies have been done by reputable scientific groups and the real problem is that none of these studies have shown anything concretely negative about e-cigarettes. Fact is almost all of them show vaping to be far less toxic than smoking tobacco, much more effective than nicotine replacement therapy products, and no danger to bystanders, children, pets and/or the environment.

Have you heard any outrageous vaping myths? Share them with us in the comments!


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Calvin started vaping in 2004 after being a smoker for 17 years and hasn’t looked back since. He was a pack a day smoker that had tried the patch, the gum, the lozenges and the hypnotist. Nothing seemed to work! He came across a cig alike at a mall booth and finally found something to help him move away from traditional tobacco. Vaping has changed his life. He feels healthier and he can breathe again. Calvin has seen a lot of changes in the electronic cigarette market since 2004 and loves the innovation that has gone into the new products on the market today.

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