Is it true vaping leads to loss of hearing?

There’s no truth to this claim unless you started pouring e-liquid into your ear canal for whatever stupid reason. Early this week, Rob Swire, a musician from London claimed on Twitter that he experienced complete hearing loss on his left ear because of e-cigs and vaping. See his tweets below:

Swire is the other half of the electronic music duo known as Knife Party. Together with his pal, Gareth McGrillen, the duo has collaborated with big names in the industry, such as Swedish House Mafia and Foreign Beggars.

It’s interesting to note that the guy claimed he had 100% hearing loss on his left ear for four days, but miraculously regained his hearing after he stopped vaping. He ranted against the use of propylene glycol as solvent in vaping liquids and even provided links to studies on topical and injectable solutions that contain PG.

He also posted the following as a warning to everyone:

But, did he really lose his hearing to vaping? Based on the links to studies he provided, people will lose their hearing when PG is applied directly to the cochlea, just like in the case of ear drops. Whatever bad things (if they do happen) PG does to vapers, the effects have to be in the mouth, throat and lungs – parts of the body that are in direct contact with the vapor.

Wait… Did he try to blow clouds of vapor through his ears?? As far as I know, you had to have perforated eardrums to do that. I’ve seen people push milk out of their eyes through the ducts that drain tears down our nose. If Swire could do that, then I’d say he’s a master at vaping tricks because that’s kind of impossible to do.

Well, whatever stupid thing Mr. Swire did with his e-juice to make him feel miserable for four days is now a bygone thing. He’s lucky it’s only temporary and the cure consists of decongestants – fairly inexpensive when compared to surgery, don’t you think?

In case you’re experiencing some hearing problems, such as tinnitus, in one or both of your ears, check out these forum threads over at Reddit and ECF. Fellow vapers and their doctors suggest that you switch to an e-juice with a reduced proportion of PG to VG and less nicotine. Try the new e-juice for a week or two, and see whether the ringing or buzzing in your ears disappears or not.



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Calvin started vaping in 2004 after being a smoker for 17 years and hasn’t looked back since. He was a pack a day smoker that had tried the patch, the gum, the lozenges and the hypnotist. Nothing seemed to work! He came across a cig alike at a mall booth and finally found something to help him move away from traditional tobacco. Vaping has changed his life. He feels healthier and he can breathe again. Calvin has seen a lot of changes in the electronic cigarette market since 2004 and loves the innovation that has gone into the new products on the market today.

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