Innovative Solutions to Problematic E-Cig Batteries

Innokin Disrupter
Innokin Disrupter

Not all batteries for electronic cigarettes are made equal. Some of these are made of low quality materials and they tend to overheat and explode when used incorrectly, such as charging the electronic cigarette using a cellphone charger instead of the one that came from the manufacturer. As a way to prevent accidents from happening, a few manufacturers of e-cigarette parts and accessories have made some improvements on their power storage products and launched them this year.

Is this the Strongest E-Cig Battery for Vaporizers?

In January 2015, Vapor Hub International introduced what the company believes to be the “strongest 26650 battery for vaping” to the burgeoning e-cigarette market. This sub ohm battery was launched under the banner of the Vamped Vapor Cells brand. Its spec sheet says that it’s supposed to deliver a pulse limit of 65 amps. Moreover, it’s believed to last longer with a sustainable battery life at 3500 mAh.

“We are always thinking about and acting on the needs and demands of our customers. We realized the strong desire for a larger battery and we have fulfilled that request. We look forward to the marketplace’s acceptance of our innovation,” Vapor Hub CEO Kyle Winther said.

A Battery that’s Better than the 18650

Innokin recently launched its newest advanced personal vaporizer that’s equipped with the company’s trademarked Innocell Vaping Power System. It has a powerful Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery that takes advantage of Innokin’s replaceable battery technology.

The InnoCell is a compact high-quality LiPo battery pack with advanced integrated safety features like automatic short-circuit shut off, low voltage reserve and holds the charge longer.

The InnoCell is charged via standard Micro-USB for maximum convenience and also features Innokin’s trusted ‘Vape-While Charging’ pass-through technology to ensure that your vape will always be ready.

Solar-Powered E-Cig Batteries

A previous blog post mentioned the battery-free Solaris Power Cells vaporizers as one of this year’s most amazing developments in the e-cigarette industry. Now, let’s get to know their proprietary Solaris Power Cells PESA™ technology that powers their vapor mods. Because of this technology, charging the mods takes less than two minutes unlike the hours of waiting for your mod to completely recharge via the traditional USB or power plug method.

There are many options for e-cig batteries in the global market today. You’ll just have to invest the time and energy into reading their specs carefully and checking customer reviews of various products before deciding which ones to buy for your mods.

Image Credit: Innokin Technology via Pinterest


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Calvin started vaping in 2004 after being a smoker for 17 years and hasn’t looked back since. He was a pack a day smoker that had tried the patch, the gum, the lozenges and the hypnotist. Nothing seemed to work! He came across a cig alike at a mall booth and finally found something to help him move away from traditional tobacco. Vaping has changed his life. He feels healthier and he can breathe again. Calvin has seen a lot of changes in the electronic cigarette market since 2004 and loves the innovation that has gone into the new products on the market today.

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