Aspire Nautilus Atomizer BDC (5-Pack)

Vendor: Aspire
Type: Replacement Coils

Aspire Nautilus Atomizer BDC (5-Pack) in 1.6 and 1.8 ohm.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Unscrew the metal bottom cap from the tank
  2. Pour out any remaining E-Liquid (can be saved to refill)
  3. Unscrew the head from the bottom cap
  4. Screw the new head onto the bottom cap
  5. Fill tank with e-liquid and reassemble
  6. For best results wait a couple of minutes for the E-Liquid to feed to the coil before vaping

Aspire BDC Atomizer Coil Heads

Vendor: Aspire
Type: Replacement Coils

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Pack of 5 replacement Aspire BDC coils, also known as an atomizer. These replacement coils work with Aspire Tanks / Clearomizers of the following models : ET, ET-S, CE5, CE5-S, E-Pen, Vivi Nova, Vivi Nova Mini, and Maxi.

Working voltage range : 3.0V to 5.0V. But we recommend not exceeding 4.3V. 

These are available in various atomizer resistances:

  • 1.6 Ohm
  • 1.8 Ohm
  • 2.1 Ohm

BDC stands for Bottom Dual Coil. That means there are actually two coils (dual coil) inside these little replacement coils for aspire tanks. Aspire has moved on from these models though and we recommend looking into something like the Aspire Atlantis tank, or a Kangertech Subtank as an upgrade if you are still using a device that uses these coils.

Panzer Golden Army by MCV Philippines (Authentic)

Vendor: MCV (Masterpiece Custom Vapes)
Type: Mods / Mechanical

MCV is back with the Golden Army edition of the Panzer mod. This one of course comes in the brass body with 3 tube pieces for different battery sizes (or for fun building panzer towers). 

This is an authentic mod from MCV Philippines. It comes with copper contacts, the usual MCV style contacts. Silver Pins are available for it too if you’re into that. 


•Modular Design for different body sizes
•18650 Battery compatibility
•4 battery vent holes on body
•Adjustable telescopic floating copper pin
•Wide Negative Copper pin
•Individual Serial Numbers

OX Mod by Fog Monsterz (Authentic)

Vendor: Fog Monsterz
Type: Mods / Mechanical

This is a beastly hard hitting 26650 mod. It’s made of SS and has brass accents. It is a direct connection to the battery from the bottom of the atomizer to the battery! It is a hybrid mode 26650 mod so be safe with it!

The throw on the switch of the Ox Mod is recessed and it can sometimes be a bit of a deeper recessed throw than you may expect depending on how you arrange your setup for optimal performance is up to you but the people who love the Ox Mod by Fog Monsterz… They REALLY love the Ox Mod!


    • *26650 mod configuration
    • *Impressive mirror finish 
    • *materials are a combination of Brass, Copper and 304 Stainless Steel for both functionality and aesthetic purpose
    • *Brass topcap is designed to be a flushfit platform for 22mm Gentanks and 18mm Drippers
    • *Functional Air Vents located on Top Cap
    • *Copper firing button
    • *uses a Hybrid connector for all 22mm GenTanks and 18mm Drippers
    • *Innovative Magnetic Firing Mechanism
    • *Recessed button to prevent accidental firing
    • *Firing Button is designed to prevent continous firing
    • *Markings are all Mill Engraved for a long lasting identity
    • *Serialized
      This is a Hybrid “Mod". Do NOT use Atomizing devices that have a flush or floating center pin. Ensure that the batteries used are in good condition and suitable for the Mod and Atomizing device. Contact the place of purchase if you have any questions.

Overdose Mod by MCV Philippines (Authentic)

Vendor: MCV (Masterpiece Custom Vapes)
Type: Mods / Mechanical

The Overdose by MCV is probably the most notable 18650 copper mod of 2014. It’s been a solid hitter. Kind of like that old reliable that won’t ever go away.

This is an authentic MCV Overdose, made in the Philippines. The entire body is one piece and you can only use 18650 batteries in this mod. It has adjustable all copper contact pins and we do have the Silver Pins for the MCV Overdose mod available as well if you want to spice up your life a little bit!


  • * 22mm mod
  • * Copper Body Construction
  • * Copper Positive/Negative Contacts
  • * Copper Firing Button (SS Spring)
  • * Custom MCV OVERDOSE engraving
  • * Serialized (engraved on the top of the body)
  • * 18650 Mode Only

Note: Our last Overdose has a scratch down the side.

Brigada Box Mod by Puff Box (Authentic)

Vendor: Puff Box Philippines
Type: Mods / Mechanical

Vapor Jedi brings you the astonishing BRIGADA v1.5 dual parallel 18650 box mod! 100% authentic from Puff Box! A cool styled wooden box mod with phenomenal carved wood work has something about it that just makes you wanna hold it!


  • Wood Laser engraved
  • Brass 510 Body, High Temp Delrin
  • High temp 22mm Black Delrin Juice-well
  • Black Delrin high temp Switch (Soft Firing)
  • Adjustable (-) Battery terminal pins
  • Magnetic doors
  • Amugis wood



This is a MECHANICAL “mod”. Do NOT use atomizing devices with a flush center pin, spring loaded center pin or floating center pin. Ensure that the batteries used are in good condition and suitable for the mod and atomizing device. Contact the place of purchase if you have any questions.


This is a “MOD” device that uses rechargeable/replaceable batteries. Ensure that ONLY proper and good quality batteries are used. DO NOT USE BATTERIES THAT ARE DAMAGED IN ANY WAY and ensure they are suitable for the device AND atomizer combination. Do NOT use the device if it is damaged. Contact the place of purchase if you have any questions.


The batteries required for this device are a rechargeable Lithium-Ion/Polymer battery. Use the proper charger to charge your battery. Never leave batteries unattended while charging. Do NOT short circuit. May explode if damaged or disposed of in fire. Ensure they are suitable for the device and/or atomizer combination. Do not use if damaged. Do not over charge. Do not over-discharge. Do not carry loose in pocket, purse, etc. There are cases available for purchase. Dispose of old or damaged batteries properly. Contact the place of purchase if you have any questions.

El Diablo Mod Black Copper 26650 by El Diablo (Authentic)

Vendor: El Diablo Philippines
Type: Mods / Mechanical

100% Authentic El Diablo mod. Available in both Black Copper and plain Copper. We’ve never seen a more BADASS looking mod than this! El Diablo Philippines strikes again with one of the meanest mech mods of 2014.

The device is fully mechanical and has silver plated copper connections. It has a magnetic recessed switch which is fairly stiff but not too stiff.

This is for the 26650 version of this mod but it also is available in the 18650 size too.

  • Made in the Philippines
  • Manufactured by El Diablo
  • Copper mechanical mod with a black finish
  • Colored logo design with anti-tarnish coat
  • Copper silver coated pins
  • Magnetic delrin switch
  • Single 26650 battery configuration